Hello, my name is Amanda Basiger and I am the Director at Limitless Sports Academy. I am here to make your enrollment to Limitless Sports Academy as smooth as possible. I also help communicate between parents and staff and if you ever need anything, I am your go to. Not only am I the Director […]

Hello, I’m Rhonda, a proud mother of three and a dedicated football mom. My passion lies in mentoring athletes at Limitless, finding immense reward in helping them grow. All three of my children are proud alumni of Limitless, and with my two boys actively engaged in high school football, it is a testament to the […]

Hi my name is Stephanie Arreaza I’m one of the paraeducators in the elementary class here at Limitless. In our journey in trying to find an alternative school for our son. God put Coach Devon in our path. We learned about his school program, and we immediately fell in love with the concept behind it, […]

Hi there! My name is Lorena Sarmiento and I am one of the paraeducators here at Limitless Sports Academy. I am a mom of four and in volunteering for many years at their schools, I fell in love with the K-12 education. I’ve worked as a bilingual paraeducator at the Lake Elsinore Unified School District […]